Malc Arnold's Alleged Home Page

Boring Preamble

This home page really only exists to give me somewhere to hang the af and TRoS pages off, so don't expect anything dramatic here. This page should be friendly to any web browser (including lynx), so if it isn't you have my apologies

A Baby Bio

If you have the faintest interest I'm 47 years old, and live in East London, England. To support my computer habit, I'm working as a Senior Systems Administrator for Shazam Entertainment.

When I'm not working I spend far too much time playing computer, role-playing and board games. One of the more successful games I've run was a conversion of The Enemy Within from the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay system to The Riddle of Steel, a system I can't recommend enough. You can see the results on the TRoS pages.

I also used to spend some time working on a Unix mail reader and composer called af, which has now been released. Sadly, the rise of IMAP and a lack of time to work on it mean that these days it's pretty much obsolete. Still, I've left the pages here as a kind of historical artifact...

It can be noted that this page contains no pictures of me. This is design, not accident.

Some Links You Might Find Interesting

The Free Software Foundation, authors and suppliers of high-quality free software.
Ubuntu, my Linux distribution of choice
O'Reilly, publishers of high quality books.