Changes in af version 2.3

Af now handles non-textual body parts internally, rather than by calling metamail to handle them. Af now reads "mailcap", "mime.types", and "mime.charsets" files at startup, and uses them to handle non-text body parts. This means that the "mime-pager" and "mime-printer" variables are redundant, and have been removed.

Af now warns about displaying unknown textual or multipart subtypes, or messages in a character set you can't view. Attachments are now handled correctly. Opening a message now asks for an action when af doesn't know how to display a body-part.

The new commands "list-mail-capabilities", "list-mime-types", and "list-mime-charsets" have been added, to display the MIME configuration that af is using.

The "confirm-viewing" variable has been added, listing those MIME types which will only be displayed after user confirmation.

MIME content-type completion now uses the list of types read in from the various mime.types files, rather than a fixed internal list. In the same way, charset completion now uses the list read in from the various mime.charsets files.

The send-file routine now defaults the content-type of the message from the filename suffix, using the information in mime.types files. If the default isn't text/plain, then it prompts for confirmation.

Af now handles multipart/alternative and multipart/parallel messages correctly and internally.

Af is now distributed with default mime.types and mime.charsets files, and an example mailcap file.

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