Changes in af version 2.3

Af is now capable of sending MIME mail. Attaching files and composing multiple body parts are handled in a buffer in the new "Compose" major mode. The new "compose-line-format" defines the format of the body part lines in a compose buffer.

An argument to "send-message" now uses a compose buffer to create the message. Editing a multipart message also uses a compose buffer. The new commands "forward-message-as-attachment", "forward-region-as-digest", and "forward-tagset-as-digest" allow attaching existing messages to an outgoing mail.

Several improvements to handing MIME messages and digests have been added. A bug where wildcard mailcap entries could override specific ones has been fixed. Af now automatically expands encapsulated messages when handling the body parts of a MIME message. Searching message text now searches the decoded text of all textual body parts. A minor bug in expanding non-MIME digests has been fixed.

Several minor bugs in the address code have been fixed. A bug in handling addresses in the form w.x.y@z has been fixed. Empty address groups now work properly. Address groups are no longer allowed in From: or Sender: headers. Empty address groups are not included in To: or Cc: lists when replying to all recipients of a message.

A bug in error reporting in tag expressions has been fixed.

Handling POP3 folders has also been improved. A bug where the connection was not closed when killing a POP3 folder has been fixed. A bug with messages read via POP3 not ending in a blank line has also been fixed, as has a crash when reading from a POP3 connection times out.

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