Af Downloads

Click one of the following links to download either the current stable version, or a patch to upgrade a previous version. If you are upgrading an older version, then you'll need to download each patch and apply them in sequence.

The current release is a tar file compressed with GNU zip. If you don't have a copy of GNU zip, you can get one from the GNU ftp site or, better still, from a mirror site near you.

The patches are again compressed with GNU zip, and are intended to be applied from the top-level af directory using Larry Wall's patch program. If you don't have a copy of patch, you can get one from the GNU ftp site or a mirror site near you. You should run patch from the top-level af source directory (where README lives), and supply the '-p' and '-E' options to patch.

The current af user manual and reference card are also available here in both dvi and PostScript format. The texinfo sources for the manual and LaTeX sources for the reference card are included in the af distribution, but if you don't have texinfo or LaTeX on your machine you can download the printable file from here.

Af version 2.0

Patch Af 1.99.19 Beta to Af 2.0
Patch Af 1.99.18 Beta to Af 1.99.19 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.17 Beta to Af 1.99.18 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.16 Beta to Af 1.99.17 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.15 Beta to Af 1.99.16 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.14 Beta to Af 1.99.15 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.13 Beta to Af 1.99.14 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.12 Beta to Af 1.99.13 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.11 Beta to Af 1.99.12 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.10 Beta to Af 1.99.11 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.9 Beta to Af 1.99.10 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.8 Beta to Af 1.99.9 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.7 Beta to Af 1.99.8 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.6 Beta to Af 1.99.7 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.5 Beta to Af 1.99.6 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.4 Beta to Af 1.99.5 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.3 Beta to Af 1.99.4 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.2 Beta to Af 1.99.3 Beta
Patch Af 1.99.1 Beta to Af 1.99.2 Beta
Patch Af 1.99 Beta to Af 1.99.1 Beta

The af user manual in dvi format
The af user manual in PostScript format
The af reference card in dvi format
The af reference card in PostScript format

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