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Sometimes you will run into a bug in af. Although I can't promise that I can or will fix the bug, and I may not even agree that it is a bug, I want to hear about problems you encounter. Often I will agree that they are bugs and want to fix them.

If af should ever crash (ie fall over with an operating system error message), or exit back to the shell without warning, then it is certainly a bug. Commands doing the "wrong thing" are also bugs, but you should check the manual and help entry for the command carefully to be sure that the command isn't doing what it is supposed to.

If you think that you've found a bug, it is important to report it, and to provide enough information with the report to be useful. The most useful kind of bug report (except the fix for it) is an exact description of what commands you type, from entering af until the bug manifests. It may also help if you could include a small folder which triggers the bug, since many af bugs can be related to the data in the current folders. It is also important to tell me which version of af you are using, and what machine it is running on. You can find out which version of af you are using by typing M-x af-version RET.

At present, I am also interested in any feedback on af. If you have comments, praise, criticisms or complaints, then I'd like to hear it.

The best way to send bug reports or comments is to mail them electronically to the af maintainer at `af-bug@csv.warwick.ac.uk'. I don't promise to fix the problem; but if I agree that its a bug then I'll most likely want to fix it. And remember that the clearer your bug report is, the more likely it is that the bug will get fixed quickly, or indeed at all.

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